Is Distance Learning Right for Me?

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Answer each question in all of the sections below and we'll tell you if distance learning is right for you.
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Distance learning is a good possibility for you. You are a relatively independent learner, manage your time well, seek out help when you need it, and are fairly comfortable with technology. You should do well in these courses.
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These courses may be OK for you. You might need to be sure you seek out the assistance you need from your instructor or other students; they can help you with study skills or adapting to the technology.
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should probably discuss your choice with a counselor. Distance learning courses may not be the option you need; there may be other choices that will suit you better.
Your Learning EnvironmentYour Life SkillsYour Course ExpectationsYou and the Technology
This is like my situation...Very muchA bit like meNot at all
I have a specific place in mind where I will be able to study and work on my course assignments 12345
The place I will study will be relatively free from interruptions. 12345
I believe my family and friends will really support me as I work for my educational goals. 12345
I expect to be able to spend 2-3 hours per credit hour on my course, every week. 12345